Jennifer and David

Invite You to Celebrate At their Wedding

Saturday, October 7 2017
Four O'Clock in the evening Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club 1350 Lakeshore Dr, Dorval, QC H9S 2E3 Reception To Follow

Their Story

Jenn and Dave’s journey began in the coldest of Canadian months, too cold to go out and not much entertainment around, the two strangers (sick of the typical bar scene) decided it would be a good idea to try this online dating thing. Jenn and Dave started chatting on February 13, 2012, and after much Facebook-stalking, they decided to finally meet in person on February 20, 2012. They met for burgers and beer at Burger Bar on Crescent St. First impressions were that Dave was surprised by how tall Jenn was and Jenn was surprised by how short Dave was. They ate their burgers, drank their beer, Jenn secretly texted her friends that Dave wasn’t a crazy internet person, and they continued their awkward first conversation about cats and movies. After dinner and drinks, they did the most Canadian thing imaginable and walked to Tim Hortons for a doughnut and coffee.

After the first date, much to Dave’s surprise, Jenn texted him that she had a great time and wanted to see Dave for a second date thus making it the longest relationship in Dave’s life. Date two turned into date three, the young couple continued to awkwardly talk about cats (and eat burgers), date three turned into four, and so on and so forth, and here they are five and a half years later.

Jenn and Dave went on their first vacation together in May 2012, driving out to the Big Apple, for the May long weekend, and Jenn would forever know that the person she is dating drives like an old man. Much to Jenn’s chagrin, she desperately wanted to drive so that they could arrive in New York sooner rather than later, but poor Jenn didn’t know how to drive standard, so Dave continued to drive a few miles below the speed limit (because who really wants a speeding ticket).

After almost a year and a half of dating, Jenn and Dave decided it would be a good idea to move in together. They got their first place together in June 2013 and it was the first time Dave would be living with cats. Now, Dave secretly never really liked cats before this day (even though they had many conversations about cats previously), but Dave’s small heart grew three sizes that day, and he accepted the little fur babies as his own. This pleased Jenn since now she would have someone to help clean their litters.

Over the next couple of years, the young couple (with seemingly too much vacation time) would conquer three provinces, one town in Cuba, 27 states, go to Disney four separate times, and move into three new apartments together.

In June 2016, knowing full well that Jenn had a fear of heights, Dave brought Jenn to the top of Rockefeller Plaza in NYC to ask the (very scared) Jenn if she would consider becoming his wife. Jenn said yes, and somehow Dave didn’t drop the ring off the Top of the Rock, and the two became engaged.

After over a year of planning, our young couple will become husband and wife on October 7, where they will continue to eat burgers, talk about cats, and go to Disney until they grow into wrinkled old people together.

Our Engagement

After 4.5 years of dating, Jenn said yes and agreed to become my wife, at the top of Rockefeller Plaza in NYC (where we spent our first vacation together) on June 9, 2016.